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Our Developments


  • Taman Pusing Mewah

    SBG Land will add to the list of houses available in Pusing, a small town on the outskirts of Ipoh, close by to Batu Gajah.

    We have plans to build 8 semi-detached homes and I bungalow in Taman Pusing Mewah.

  • Taman Meru Raya

    Jelapang is one of the growth sectors of Ipoh, with an increasing demand for houses here. Taman Meru Raya will hold 77 double-storey link houses that will add to the property cache in this township.

  • Bercham

    SBG Land proposed will construct 112 units of 2 blocks of medium cost apartment.

  • Falim Avenue

    SBG Land will construct homes on a 17-acre piece of land in Falim, Ipoh. These will comprise 2 bungalows, 32 semi detached houses and 106 two storey link homes.