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    CONSTRUCTION - Sykt. S.S.Soo & Brothers Construction Sdn Bhd (141393-H)

    The birth of the SBG Land group came about with the establishment of a construction company with the initiative of founders and brothers, Soo Seng Sooi and Soo Seng Soong. The company undertook construction work for residential, commercial and industrial properties.

    QUARRYING - Kuari Sg Rair (P) Sdn Bhd (91922-T)

    The venture into the limestone quarry business was complimentary to the construction activities of the group, contributing to the expansion.

    The company produced quarry dust, crusher runs, 20mm stones, 6' x 9' blocks, and other related items, with an average monthly production output 15,000 metric tonnes.

    These were mainly channeled to building and road contractors.

    DEVELOPMENT – Winfully Development Sdn Bhd (214772-V)

    This was the first development arm of SBG Land.

    The company's first property development venture comprised 14 double-storey terrace houses in Gunung Rapat, and set the pace for the future of the group in the property development sector in Ipoh and Perak.

    READY-MIXED CONCRETE - I-Mix Concrete Sdn Bhd (338834-D)

    With a growing property development business, SBGLand ventured into the supply of ready-mixed concrete.

    The average monthly output of 8,500 cubic metres of various grades of ready-mixed concrete fed the growing demand by contractors and concrete products manufacturers, while also complementing SBG Land's own construction and development activities.

    QUARRYING - Papan Granite Sdn Bhd (82526-X)

    SBG Land bought over Papan Granite Sdn Bhd to strengthen the group's supply of construction materials.

    Supplying quarry dust, crusher runs, stones of various sizes and pre-mix concrete, the average monthly output stood at 18,000 metric tonnes.

    Customers were mainly building contractors, road contractors and pre-mix cement factories,